American Girl Snack Stand for 18-Inch Dolls

Price: £149.99

American Girl Snack Stand for 18-Inch Dolls

Dolls can run a business and serve up some pretend snacks with this 28-piece set! This set includes:

  • A wooden food stand with a serving counter, a pretend grill, a condiment tray, and a cash drawer that opens
  • A colorful banner with an attached felt flower and ribbons to hang on the stand
  • Three drink bottles for refreshments
  • Two nachos and two quesadillas to “cook” on the griddle then serve to customers
  • A stack of tortillas and three churros for a yummy treat
  • Three bags of tortilla chips that can hang from the stand
  • Four paper boats for the snacks, serving tongs, and a bottle of hot sauce
  • Five pretend dollar bills for making change

Direct from American Girl

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