American Girl Tenney with Pierced Ears & Earrings set plus book

Price: £179.99

American Girl Tenney with Pierced Ears


The 18" Tenney doll has light brown eyes that open and close, freckles on her nose, and long, curly blond hair. Tenney’s unique hand positioning helps her hold her guitar, banjo, and pick! She arrives in a graphic tee, denim vest, faux-leather skirt, and ankle boots. Also included are a woven bracelet and the Tenney paperback book. Inclusive earrings are a reminder that music and beauty are everywhere! Includes the following pierced earrings for dolls: a set of music-note studs, stylish blue flower studs, and songbird studs with sparkling rhinestone eyes.

Please note:

  • Instruments and pick sold separately.


Hair Color: Blond

Care Details

A doll hair pick works best with this doll's hair.

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