American Girl Nanea Shave & Ice Shop

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American Girl Nanea Shave & Ice Shop

Nanea and her friends love to stop by the corner shop for a traditional Hawaiian treat! This 24-piece set includes:

  • A colorful shave ice stand with a bright yellow awning, a gooseneck lamp that really works, and counters to serve customers
  • A 1940s-style ice machine that works by turning the hand crank to “shave” the pretend ice block inside
  • A tray that fits underneath the ice machine to catch the pretend shave ice
  • Five scoops of rainbow-colored shave ice (a combination of Nanea and her friends’ favorite flavors) that fit inside cones American Girl dolls can really hold
  • Four bottles of flavor syrup to “pour” on the cones
  • A shave ice sign shaped like a cone and a menu board to hang on the stand
  • A shave ice scoop and five pretend dollars
  • A sticker sheet for decorating the stand

Doll sold separately

Direct from American Girl – New in box! 


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