American Girl Doll Luciana Makerstation

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American Girl Doll Luciana Makerstation

Product Features

Luciana uses her station to design and build an inventive robot for a robotics competition. Incudes tools of the trade such as:

  • A robotic arm that can pick things up
  • A workbench for tinkering with two shelves and two bins
  • A poster, photo, and two clips to hold them
  • A measuring tape, screwdriver, and set of screws for building
  • A pair of safety goggles and apron
  • Three graph papers and three papers for ideas and sketching
  • A solar system model of the planets
  • A pretend terrarium for plants
  • A sticker sheet for decorating
  • Two MEGA CONSTRUX™ construction sets for a satellite and a rover, plus a MEGA CONSTRUX™ playbook!
  • Excludes Doll

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